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In the farm “Il Cassero” Serravalle Pistoiese, Stazione Masotti places, in January 2014 was born the Farm Source. An antique farmhouse of 700 that is set in the silence of olive groves. It enjoys stunning views of the hills of Pistoia and from where you can see a glimpse of the city of Prato in the distance. The name of the farm comes from the presence of a real spring water in the ancient woodland surrounding the farm and which supplies water to the entire structure. The farm is about 9 hectares characterized by 530 olive trees on land prepared flounced , but also with forests of Oaks, Lecci, Acacia trees, pines and chestnut trees where you can take walks in nature. There are several fruit trees including figs , peaches, apricots , walnuts and Susini.

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Our estate is a cozy and homely place for those who want to have a comprehensive view of Tuscany its flavors and fragrances, is in fact a few kilometers from the main natural and cultural attractions of this beautiful region , is also suitable for those who just want to relax in a quiet and unspoiled. The farm is also attentive to the restocking of the fauna of the place being a game reserve, with a little luck you can spot the animal species typical of the Tuscan countryside such as deer pheasants, hares, foxes and wild boars.
In May and June you can enjoy the spectacular presence of the fireflies that light up thousands meadows and woods like Christmas. In July, while frescheggia late in the evening you can watch the changes of cicadas that day are the soundtrack to your holidays.



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